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Evaluation Report

An evaluation of the research programme "Re-emergence of Religion as a Social Force in Europe" was undertaken by the NORFACE consortium. This research programme started in spring 2007 and ended in December 2010; during which ten research projects and two capacity building projects have been funded. The NORFACE Religion Programme probed the current conditions of religion in Europe against the background of European secularism and the re-kindling of religious activity brought about by the political and social changes in Europe of the past thirty years. Overall, the Review Panel concluded that the NORFACE Religion programme has proved to be a good instrument to stimulate excellent scientific research, develop a European research community, and tackle themes of importance for European public policy. More information can be found in the evaluation report.

Workshop 'Research Data Infrastructure in the Social Sciences'

The Workshop 'Research Data Infrastructure in the Social Science' is going to take place on the 3rd and 4th of May 2012 in Berlin. The Workshop is a joint activity of the European funding organisations that are organised in the framework of NORFACE, the German Data Forum and the UK Data Forum. Through this workshop NORFACE will bring together researchers, stakeholders en policymakers in order to discuss recent national and international strategic initiatives with the aim of sharing information, best practices and identifying areas for future collaboration. For further information, please contact Dr Stefan Koch (

3rd NORFACE Migration Conference
Event date: Thursday 29th March 2012 - Saturday 31st March 2012

The NORFACE Research Programme on Migration will host its Third Conference, at University of Mannheim, Germany, from 29th — 31st March 2012. The event will bring together the team leaders of the 12 projects, funded by the NORFACE Research Grant on Migration.

The conference will provide an ideal forum for the teams to provide progress updates as well as to discuss their work informally. In addition to this, the teams will present selected papers written during the course of their project.

The event is organised by the NORFACE Migration — Scientific Co-ordination office, headed by Prof. Christian Dustmann of University College London and the CILS4EU Team, headed by Prof. Frank Kalter of University of Mannheim. Attendance to this event is by invitation only.

For further information about the preliminary programme, accommodation, conference dinner and location, please visit:

Launch of NORFACE-II Support Action

From September 2011 the NORFACE partnership continued in the shape of the NORFACE-II Support Action. The NORFACE-II Support Action aims at further deepening and strengthening the established trans-national co-operation. This new cooperation has been brought about with the aid of the European s Seventh Framework Program. The project will last until March 2013.

The new NORFACE work plan (2011-13) consists of three work packages. Work package 1, Joint Research and Related Activities and Initiatives, deals with the planning and development of a new multidisciplinary research programme: 'Welfare State Futures' and activities aimed at removing and lowering barriers to trans-national research collaboration. Work package 2, Exploiting Data & Research Infrastructure in the Social Sciences, aims to develop co-ordinated strategies and approaches between the NORFACE Partners for the future enhancement and exploitation of the social science data and research. Work package 3, Governance and Management of the NORFACE Network, and Output, Dissemination and Impact, deals with project management issues. Read further

NORFACE - New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe - is a partnership between fifteen research councils to increase co-operation in research and research policy in Europe. Over the nine project years, the partners will engage in a range of initiatives designed to deliver new levels of co-operative research policy and practice. more